Nepal:Reinhol Messner, famous mountain climber, sees moon-sized object while climbing in Himalayas

Reinhold Messner
Source: News World (New York) / United Press 

"Climber sees Himalayan UFO"

KATMANDU, Nepal - Italian Reinhold Messner, one of the world's foremost mountaineers, said Friday he watched a UFO "the size of a full moon" for nearly three hours while climbing in the Himalayas.

On his return to Katmandu after an unsuccessful attempt on 24,248-foot Mount Chamlang, he said he spotted the UFO as it drifted south into Nepal from Tibet over the mighty snowcapped mountains.
"It was moving very slowly," he said. "It moved eastward and then went again southwest and drifted finally north into Tibet." His climbing partner
Doug Scott, a British schoolteacher, also sighted the object, he said, as did a nearby joint Polish-British expedition, but at a different time.
"It could not be a satellite because they move in an eliptical manner." he said. "The movements of this object were irregular."

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