Cut The Shit CIA

So, it looks like the CIA opened a can of worms — or should I say, “Whip Ass - sorry, I’ve always wanted to use that word in a post, now I have.” Anyway, as I was saying, the CIA opened Pandora’s Box by announcing last week via Twitter that its U2 spy plane program was responsible for “more than half” the UFO sightings in the 1950’s.  My question to the CIA, why?  Well I’ll tell you why: there are way too many sightings with today’s hi-tech devises to keep their heads in the sand and so they need to give Average Joe/Jane — don’t worry, if you are reading this blog you are not one — from asking too many questions in-between his/hers ESPN-Reality TV-Fix; because if he/she did, they would know there is something out there.

If you follow the postings of David Wilcock — who I use to love until he cut his hair and got wrapped up with his Population Control hysteria which has nothing to do with the New World Order and more to do with a bunch of liberals trying to save the planet with a sustainable population — then you would know most governments are in contact with Aliens, and know they can’t tell us because, well, if they did they would be opening up a can of Whip Ass.

I mean, the religious nuts (Zionist, Right-Wing-Christians, and Jihads) who keep the world going by fear-competition would have to say, “Fuck, we are in this together.” And what would that mean to a religious-controlled society?   You guessed: society as a whole would have to wake-up and face the fact that their divisive God isn’t shit compared to Alien Beings who can abduct us in our sleep and do horrific things with our sex organs that makes us forget we were ever fucked (see The Forth Kind if you have any doubts about this).

What I’m saying here is that society would break if they ever told us about their Alien contacts and the CIA knows this, and so, as with all government programs which are designed to protect a government’s policies and not its people, the CIA steps in to make us believe there is nothing behind the curtain.  Yes, the same CIA that made us believe that a single gunman shot our last “for the people” president in Dallas (Fact: if JFK was reelected he was going to do away with the Federal Reserve.  Forget all the other bullshit, this is why they killed him).   Yes, the same CIA that fails to even mention what happened to that building behind the World Trade Towers on 9-11 as if we really didn’t see it.  Come on! Turn off ESPN and believe what you see and not what the CIA tweets.  UFO's are everywhere and unless you stop believing CIA tweets, you are nothing more than an Average Joe/Jane giving them more time to do whatever it is they are doing without us knowing.  So, do something.  What?  Well I'll tell you: tweet or text the CIA back stating: Cut The Shit CIA (please don't tell them you got the idea here).

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