The Two Worlds of Cause and Effect.

We live in two worlds: The World of Form and the Invisible world.  In this case, the World of Form is manifest as our planet, Earth.  The Invisible World includes "Everywhere" else.  The witch's magic is done with the conscious use of Both Worlds.  But our goal is to move and to live perfectly and easily between the Worlds -- always.

The magic of the witch connects the Cosmic to the Earth.  Witch magic is visible, tangible, and practical.  But the Overview is essential.

Thus, we work in linear time, using The Law of Cause and Effect.  We work with linear time, knowing full well that time is not necessarily linear, but all-at-once.  All time coexists, and it is because we are aware of the Overview that we are able to see the future, and to work magic forwards (and backwards) in linear time.

We work with the World of Form, and in it our magic manifests to the five senses.  Our techniques also employ the five senses...even though we know full well that space is not defined by what we touch, see, hear, smell or taste.  We know that all space coexists, limited only by perception.  With the Overview, our perception is the "sixth" sense -- the Spirit, represented in the pentagram by the Circle which encompasses All.

For Earth Magic, we use words, thoughts, images, ideas and rituals to activate our work.  We employ the basic, standard occult Principles to connect the Worlds.  We follow the basic Words of Power techniques.

1. There is One Power.
2. The Power includes All.
3. We are all perfect microcosms of the Power (Thus we are linked to all beings).
4. Every being has Free Will and all work is for the good of all.
5. As microcosms of the One Power which includes All, we draw upon whichever aspect of the
    Power we wish to use, for whatever goals we state. 
6. We affirm that the work goes out into The Law of Cause and Effect, and that it is done.

We follow this sequence of ideas, with one important difference: the use of Alignments.  An Alignment is the direct connection which can be drawn between Deity and witch.  This powerful link in effect combines steps 2, 3, and 5.

The purpose of drawing Alignments is to identify ourselves so thoroughly with whatever aspect of the Power we have chosen (specifically aspects of The Goddess and The God), that we do not have to perform Words of Power step-by-step.  We can "ask" the Deities for use of Their Power...because we have already made that Power our own and earned it.

Of course, if we have not earned it, it does not come through to us.

Further, we trust the Deities perfectly, thus trusting ourselves as Their Incarnate Forms of Earth.  So we do not specify forms for the manifestation of our work.  We allow the essence of whatever we are working for to reveal itself to us in perfect form.  If we feel it's appropriate to name a form, we always add: "its equivalent or better".

This is not praying.  It is not supplications.  It is the affirmation and trust of the microcosm/Macrocosm.  It is taking pure responsibility without ego.

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Thanks For Being!