Brit train station hires 'supernatural officer' to field ghost sightings

A Britain train station is so haunted that managers hired a Supernatural Liaison Officer.
Leamington Spa Station

Chiltern Railways hired Nick Rees, 58, to deal with questions, comments and fears about the Leamington Spa station, built in the 1800s and the site of many passenger reports of ghostly encounters.

"I get on with people and I can make anyone smile," Mr. Rees told a tabloid.  "I supposed that's why I can go about my duties as a supernatural liaison officer.  I respect them and they respect me."

Nick Rees
Mr. Rees said one of the most complained-about spots at the station is a basement.
"One of the haunted areas is a disused basement on platform three which has a partially blocked off staircase that seemingly leads to nowhere," he said.  "The other area is the upstairs office building where staff regularly see and hear things including doors slamming and electrical equipment turning on and off."

Stephen Herbert, a security officer at the station who works the night shift, says, "Leamington Spa station is one of the most haunted places I have been to and I've been to many," he said.  "I often see and hear ghosts on both platforms but from what I have seen they are nice ghosts and have good energy."

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