Merry Hallowe'en from Esoteric Daily where we wish you and yours, a very, merry, merry, Hallowe'en.

Ah, Hallowe'en. What can I say about this most wonderful time of year.  This joy to the world, this hark, the fallen angles.  It's true, this night of magic was named for a Christian feast; Hallow-ever,  this tradition owes more to the ancient Celtic festival Samhain than anything else.  Yes, Samhain: the eve of 31 October.   Traditionally, it was the dangerous and magical time when supernatural influences were at their peek; the pagan gods might walk among mortals, the spirits of the dead returned to earth to visit their homes, and spirits were at their most mischievous and destructive.  Enormous bonfires were lit to drive away evil spirits, and elaborate sacrifices were offered to propitiate these fearful powers.  However, those brave enough could use this unusual level of supernatural activity to their advantage, since even the Devil might be summoned on this day to aid in divination.  Despite the Christianizing of the festival, the ancient beliefs persisted into modern times, and Hallow'en is still more strongly associated with witches, hobgoblins, ghosts and so forth than the celebration of all the Christian saints who are still burning in their own chosen realities.


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