I visited one of my favorite local cemeteries yesterday to see if I could get better footage of a spirit I once captured in the corner of my video walking away (see The Ghost of Bonnie Video).  This is a local cemetery in Dallas and definitely has some kind of spirit activity, I’m just not sure what.  Part of me thinks it might be a hangout for local Satan worshipers based on the Pentagrams I saw laying around half burnt candles.  Well, yesterday’s visit didn’t do much to change this hunch.  I was on my Motorcycle and for one, the camera I brought wouldn’t work.  It just was shot.  I tried using my iPhone and didn’t have enough memory to capture but the first few minutes.  Anyway, I walked around the bush that I saw the pasty-fleshed spirit walking and what do I see in the distance.  Two doberman pinchers.  They looked young so I wasn’t worried.  They were hanging around a grave.  When they saw me I got the willies.  I mean, they looked at me motionless for what seemed eternity.  Well, not having a car to run to for safety, and remember the only motorcycle accident I had ever had was avoiding a dog trying to get at my leg, I decided I wouldn’t chance it (not to mention I didn’t have a camera to record it).  So, I got on my motorcycle and drove around the graveyard to get a different look at the dogs.  And I did.  However, there wasn’t just two, there were many.  And not just doberman pinchers: there were a few shaggy rottweilers and one shaggy black dog that could have been chiseled out of a Renaissance sculpture.  One of the hounds was actually standing on its back legs on a tombstone as if talking to it.  It was a pack and they started barking and slowly making there way to me as if saying to themselves, "Is he really waiting for us?"  Well, no I wasn't: and yes, I accelerated away quickly.  They could have easily caught me but seemed content scaring the shit out of me.  What was really crazy though, and maybe can be attributed to an overhead Jet and my screaming Suzuki 250,  I heard a kind of laughter. Needless to say I will be returning today with new cameras.  So stay tuned for an update, until then, here are some things I researched on the subject of dogs at a graveyard.  Enjoy... Saaaaa...  Zuuuu...  Keeeeeeee....

Of course, the dog is one of the earliest animals to be domesticated by humans along with pigs and cattle; the dog, however, tended to function as a companion rather than as livestock.  In some Native American lore the dog was originally supposed to have been a human, who was transformed into an animal because of his misdeeds (usually of a sexual nature) and still retains some human understanding and sympathies.  In the Middle East and much of European lore the dog is portrayed as an outcast, a dangerous scavenger.  In mythology, Cerberus was the hound guarding hell who was overcome by Heracles.  Yes, the hellhound,  a supernatural dog who is assigned to guard the entrances to the world of the dead, such as graveyards and burial grounds…   Saaaa...  Zuuuuuuuu...  Keeeeeeeee....


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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!