World's Oldest Man, who wrote on the paranormal, crosses over at the age of 111!

Yes, Alexander Imich, the author of "The Incredible Tales of Paranormal" and other scholarly writings on the subject such as a 1930's article on the Polish medium, Matylda S., entered back into the spirit world this past Sunday.  A Polish-born chemist who survived the Holocaust to become the world's oldest man in April has died in New York City at age 111.

Imich celebrated his 111th birthday Feb. 4. On April 24, he passed another milestone when Arturo Licata of Italy died eight days before his 112th birthday and the Gerontology Research Group in Torrance, Calif., said Imich was the oldest surviving man.

Imich told the New York Times in April he had good habits, including taking regular exercise, eating little and avoiding alcohol. He also said not having children contributed to his longevity.

So, there you have it.

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