I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

 People fear the spirit world and unfamiliar things such as ghosts, unexpected sounds and unexplained movements of objects. We have all heard stories of different encounters like the cold breeze that we feel across our neck when there are no windows opened in the house, or ghost-like apparitions either in photos or in person. Other episodes may include Ouija Board experiences when a planchett moves on its own and spells out a message or rocking chairs that rock with no one in them, along with numerous other unexplainable encounters. If these types of stories are true and ghosts do exist, should we fear them? Thousands of investigations and case studies of the paranormal show the exact opposite to what popular movies and books want us to believe and fear. Here are four reasons why people should not be afraid of ghosts:
 1. Paranormal investigations indicate that ghosts do not harm people.
 2. Individuals do not change personalities after death.
 3. Spirits of the dead are not vengeful.
 4. There has never been any documentation to show that ghosts hurt humans.
Most manifestations of unexplained activity that have surfaced from research noting demonic activities, have been linked not to ghosts, but to possible poltergeist activity. When people are attacked or objects are thrown by an unexplained force, it is usually believed to be that of a poltergeist which can be explained as the unconscious working of a living human who is subconsciously not at peace. We all have within us a spiritual aspect that very few of us really understand. Could it be that with enough pent up emotional energy a release occurs in an unexpected way such as a glass breaking on its own or objects mysteriously flying across the room?
People would do well to fear malicious humans over ghosts, as there is more evidence of people being hurtful and dangerous than ghosts. Perhaps people are afraid of what ghosts represent, and are afraid of the unknown.  Louanne welcomes you to discover real ghost stories, true paranormal activities, and spiritual encounters at Ghost Stories & Paranormal Activities. There you can read about chilling,  haunting and true ghost tales.                                                                                       

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